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Tailor made solution

Thanks to long term employee experience in the field of steel products production, Technoexport Storage Lt is providing tailor-made solutions, starting from an engineering and static calculations all the way through to the ready steel products.
All of this work is performed in-house by experts.

We are using up to date production procedures and production equipment. We providing our products to customers in accordance with the prevailing world standards – EN, API, ASTM, etc.

Storage tanks

Big capacity cilindrical above ground tanks, undergound horizontal with single or double walls. Tanks can be made from carbon or stainless steel.

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Structural steel

Pipe racks, columns, supports truss, platforms, ladders, railings. Steel structures can be provided primed, painted or hot dip gavanized.

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Truss, countineous span girder, box girder bridges.

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Ducts, cyclons, separators

For cement, energy, wood and mining industries.

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Succesfully in time finisehd projects

Trusted Partners

Our clients are leading companies in energy, petrochemical and civil engineering industries.